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Nov. 5
How our web development course can help your career
Published by Omar Mohamed – November 5th, 2015
We interviewed an old MakerSquare student who took the “Web Development for Non-Engineers” course before it was under the Batch Academy umbrella. Megan Coffey, Chief Creative Officer at Springbox, was one of the enthusiastic students who completed the course. Learn more about Megan, why she joined the course and how the skills she learned helped her in her current career.
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Oct. 6
A new era of teaching: Rapid-iteration
Published by Tyler Lambe – October 6th, 2015
Over the past few centuries, the philosophies driving how we educate people have remained stagnant. Old and slowly evolving models of education sit at the forefront of the world’s most renowned educational institutions. With the upsurge of advancement in technology in the recent decades, we’ve seen an unfortunately slow adoption of new thinking in education. At today’s cutting edge, we’re seeing a repurposing of agile methodologies from fields like software engineering assisting as a guide for educators to improve their classrooms.
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Sept. 8
Infographic: Austin Employers Need You… To Have Technical Skills
Published by Omar Mohamed – September 8th, 2015
As Austin asserts itself as a tech hub of the world, it creates a large need for exceptional talent. Reports by the Brookings Institute put the number of available jobs in the Austin Metro Area at 10,754. What’s important to note though, is that 47.4% of these jobs (5,097) require technical skills. What’s even more important is that these jobs are correlated to higher salaries.
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