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Infographic: Austin Employers Need You… To Have Technical Skills
Published by Omar Mohamed – September 8th, 2015
As Austin asserts itself as a tech hub of the world, it creates a large need for exceptional talent. Reports by the Brookings Institute put the number of available jobs in the Austin Metro Area at 10,754. What’s important to note though, is that 47.4% of these jobs (5,097) require technical skills. What’s even more important is that these jobs are correlated to higher salaries.

The interesting part is that is that it takes 35.4 days on average to fill a role in Austin. That means recruiters in Austin are spending over a month to fill roles, of which the majority don’t require a bachelor’s degree. This clearly demonstrates how the shortage of technical candidates in Austin is affecting companies’ ability to scale.

Although Austin is the fastest growing city in the country, there is still a large shortage of technical candidates in Austin’s talent pool. Candidates that possess those skills will be consistently sought after and will be able to receive great wage premiums over their non-technical counterparts.

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